Wadi Al Hayl site (UQ operation site 1)

* UQ’s headquarter operational site is located in Al Hayl Wadi
* Huge reserve of the sturdiest Gabbro stone situated in an area of 1,000,000 m2
* This site works with a monthly capacity of 625,000 tonnes of aggregate production

Al Nujaimat site (UQ operation site 2)

* UQ’s second site is located in Al Nujaimat area
* Production of rocks with sizes up to 7 tonnes
* Production capacity of 1 million tonnes per month of size of 0 – 1,000kg

United Quarries-Al Hayl Site (UQ 1)

Al Kaser Bay (UQ operation site 3)

* UQ’s third site is located on the Fujairah Corniche – Kalba road
* UQ has exclusive rights to operate Al Kaser Bay providing the company with its own sea exit; resulting in reduced waiting periods, as well as simplifying the process of loading materials onto barges and vessels
* UQ’s Marine department can facilitate procedures with the best cost and terms providing both CIF and FOB options to Client Availability of a storage area with a size of 600,000m2 and a capacity of 600,000 tonnes.
* The terminal has dedicated stevedoring crew for 24/7 loading operations, logistics and cargo handling equipment like flat bed and box trailers, dumper trucks, cranes, orange peel grabs, front loaders, bull dozers, etc
* UQ is capable of loading 0-700KG material onto vessels