Aggregates & Sand

Concrete production, mass concrete, asphalt production, wet mix macadam, pavement concrete construction (PCC), structural backfill, filter material.

Road-base & Sub-base

Pavement construction, highways, runways, asphalt roads, car parking areas, hard stand areas, filling material.

Road-base & Sub-base

Supports latest heavy and fast moving train networks, facilitates drainage, forms a transition zone between the ballast and sub grade to avoid migration of soil into the ballast, reduces the stresses applied to the sub grade.

Armour Rock

Coastal protection, break waters, landscape reclamation, decoration, waterway falls, waterfalls, retaining walls, roof garden, gardens, edging stones for ponds & borders.

Pipe Surround Drainage & Filter / Pervious Backfill / Capillary

Pervious concrete pavement construction, foundation layer for road works & sidewalks, mass concrete, mass rock filling, dams and reservoir, canal lining, soil stabilizer, pipe surrounding & bedding material for pipes, improved sub grades, filter material, earth works, civil engineering structures.

Rockery and Landscape

Waterfalls, gardens, decorations, landscaping areas, retaining walls, roof garden, edging stones for ponds and borders

Rip-Rap & Gabion Rock

Dams, drainage channels, waterway falls, culverts, bridge abutments, erosion control, shoreline protection, sea-wall protection.

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