Al Hayl Site (UQ 1)
United Quarries’ headquarter operational site is located in Al Hayl Wadi Laban area, a huge reserve of the sturdiest Gabbro stone, about 10 km away from Fujairah City. This site works with a capacity of 500,000 tonnes of aggregate production and 350,000 tonnes of armour rock production, for sizes that vary between 1 and 7 tonnes per month.

United Quarries-Al Hayl Site (UQ 1)

Al Nujaimat Site (UQ 2)
Our second operational site (UQ2) is located in Al Nujaimat area. Through operative and safe blasting works, UQ2 mainly produces rocks of sizes up to 7 tonne. UQ has successfully reached a production capacity of 1 million tonne per month for sizes up to
1000 kg.

United Quarries-Al Nujaimat Site (UQ 2)

Al Kaser Bay (UQ 3)
United Quarries has exclusive rights to operate on the barge loading berth at Al Kaser Bay. The export and import terminal provides fast and operative stevedoring services, as well as conducts land & marine logistics to third party traders and barge operators. The terminal has its own stevedoring crew for 24/7 load/discharge operations, dumper trucks, cranes, clamshell and orange peel grabs, front loaders, bull dozers, etc.

United Quarries-Al Kaser Bay (UQ 3)